Hyde Tutoring is delighted to be working with Charlotte Faber as our school consultant. Charlotte provides families with advice and guidance through every stage of the school application and exam process. 

Charlotte Faber has spent 12 years working in education, with her most recent role being Headmistress of Garden House School.  Prior to this, she spent 8 years in the classroom at Garden House, teaching year 3 and year 5. During her time as Head, she prepared students for future schools: conducting practice interviews, overseeing the curriculum, and supporting families to decide upon and target their schools of their choice.

Her role as Head has allowed Charlotte to gain an in-depth knowledge of top boarding schools and London day schools, their application processes and entry examinations. Charlotte prides herself on finding and placing each and every child in the right school.

If you decide to use Charlotte Faber’s services, she will provide unparalleled support, through every step of the process, to ensure your child gets the support they need and to ensure you know which are the best schools for your child so they can reach their full potential.

To find out more about how Charlotte Faber can help your family through the process, then please email Charlotte Hyde at charlotte@hydetutoring.com