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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Here at Hyde Tutoring we are incredibly proud of the people that we choose to be a part of our team. We choose them based on their education, their experience, and we also choose them based on their personalities. All of our tutors are committed to tutoring, for them it is a source of pride. They all love to and want to help you and your child succeed.

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Rose Reade

English, University of Cambridge 2:1

I teach 7+, 11+, GCSE & A level English Language and Literature

I love tutoring because you really get to see a child blossom and grow academically. I love seeing their confidence grow and helping them find an enthusiasm for something that I love. It's great when you find the perfect balance between learning and fun!

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Rebecca Buckham

15 Years experience as a teacher. Hornsby International Diploma. Specific Learning Disorder tutor.

I teach study skills, specialist handwriting techniques and exam preparation for the 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ exams.

I love tutoring because it is so rewarding and I enjoy helping people overcome their difficulties with literacy and maths. I always make the lessons multi-sensory and try to make the activities fun and targeted to their ability. The aim is always to boost confidence and increase motivation.

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Jessica Bonfante

University of Kent: BA Honours- English Literature and Philosophy (First-Class Honours)

I am an English tutor for students studying for 7+, 11+ and GCSE English Literature and Language.

I firmly believe that the key to success is hard work. A friendly, approachable attitude towards teaching is most effective, and I seek to ensure that my students feel comfortable when helping them to develop their skills and improve their academic work. I love tutoring because it gives me the chance to make a real difference to a student's progress. It is incredibly rewarding to see their confidence grow.

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Gavin Fiddler

Literature and Arts (MSt), University of Oxford, Modern European History (MPhil), University of Cambridge, History (BA), Birkbeck, University of London

I teach Common Entrance (11+ and 13+), English (GCSE and A-Level), History (GCSE and A-Level) and Politics (A-Level)

Tutoring is, to me, the most efficient means of securing improvement in a student. You can provide constant feedback that isn’t possible in the classroom environment. It also allows the student and tutor to build a strong rapport that in integral to the learning process. The pastoral side is also key, and a tutor must always remind the student they have nothing to fear from stress but stress itself. Furthermore, constant and measured progress is another check against stress which too often stems from an incorrect approach to learning in preparation for the exams.

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Marco Young

University of Cambridge, BA(Hons) English Literature, 1st/2:1
Fluent in French and Italian

English at 7+ - A level, Maths at 7+, 11+ (but open to higher), French at all levels.

I love the one to one focus that can be achieved with private tuition, something which is so often lacking in larger classes. I love encouraging students to come up with ideas and reach conclusions themselves, rather than simply providing answers; this is a much more fulfilling and beneficial experience. I like to maintain a relaxed but focused environment to put students at ease, particularly the younger ones. I am very easygoing but also focused and organised to reach students' goals!

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Kathy Perchtold

TTHD (4 years) Johannesburg College of Education (Wits University Johannesburg) English Geography and Remedial Education

FDE (2 years) Education Management (distinction in Socio Pedagogics)

I have thirty years experience classroom teaching and fifteen as a head teacher. I have taught all primary school subjects and English, Geography and Science to high school children. I also have extensive SEN and Gifted experience.

I believe that every child learns but not in the same way or on the same day therefore a tutoring milieu is, I believe, the perfect one for every child to achieve optimally. Tutoring enables the child to discover their personal strengths and weaknesses thus providing the opportunity for the tutor to structure teaching and the learning processes accordingly. Furthermore, it allows them to feel safe to make errors, and learn from those, without feeling threatened or fearing ridicule from peers.

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Jennifer Williams

Cambridge University and SOAS London. BA History, Social Anthropology and Music.

I teach 7/8/11+, GCSE English, English & History at International Baccalaureate/ A Level, as well as creative writing to all ages. I am also professinally experienced in caring for children aged 0-8 years old.

I enjoy bringing out creativity and confidence in children of all ages, helping them to meet the needs of the curriculum and beyond. I believe one-on-one tuition allows a child to feel supported in their unique ways of learning which can then be fine-tuned; a balance of lateral thinking and security for exams is key. I love spoken word, performance, writing and the healing arts and try to incorporate these passions into my teaching practice, where appropriate.


Kate Early

Manchester University: BA(HONS) in English and Drama
King’s College London: PGCE English

My track record of success in teaching manifests itself through the improved grades of my students at KS2, KS3 and KS4. I structure my teaching, both through resources and delivery, to provide each learner with the support and challenge they need to achieve. I work hard to create an inclusive learning environment.

I have worked as a tutor teaching students from the ages of 9-16. Prior to this, I worked in three local secondary schools teaching English at KS3 and KS4.


Bethany Cockshutt

University of Exeter (BSc Geography with Biology)

I teach Maths at 7+ to GCSE, and English at 7+ to 11+. I also teach biology, geography, chemisty and physics to all ages up to and including GCSE and A-Level.

I am currently work at an Independent Prep School in London with Year 5 and Year 6. I have tutored for over 4 years both face-to-face and online; I have gained lots of experience in many subject fields and I have realised how rewarding tutoring can be.

I encourage all my students to perform to their best standard while having fun learning. I have the patience and ability needed to connect with my students to find the best way to improve their understanding.

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